As the local campaign comes to a close, it’s important that residents are able to make informed decisions on the candidates.  One can do this in many ways, such as watching the candidate forum (), read mailings and endorsement letters. 

We all know that New Providence is a great town, being named one of the best and safest towns in New Jersey.  As the saying goes, it takes a village.  We have our Mayor and Council to thank for their dedicated commitment to keeping this town great, along with all the Borough employees (DPW, NPPD, NPFD, EMS, etc...)  So why not hear from our elected officials to understand who they support and why.

Al Morgan, New Providence Mayor

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New Providence has been run responsibly for decades.  To ensure our future, I support Michele Matsikoudis and Rob Muñoz.

Michael Gennaro, New Providence Councilman

Michele’s connection to the community, personal integrity, business experience, long history of involvement in Borough volunteer activities and hard work to learn the details concerning issues facing the Borough make her an ideal candidate to fill the Council seat I am leaving.  I could not feel more confident that our residents will be best served by electing Michele to this open Council seat.  By reelecting Rob Munoz to another term, New Providence will benefit from someone who has the experience, integrity and connection to Borough life to ensure that this Council will function at the highest possible level.

Nadine Geoffroy, New Providence Councilwoman

What sets Michele and Rob apart and above is they are also reflective and representative of our residents.  They represent and respect the different perspectives of our diverse community.  They also understand the importance of having both a short term and long-term vision and commitment to the Borough.  Michele and Rob are invested in New Providence and will make the decisions that are best for both the short term and long-term success of the Borough.

Stating the obvious, Michele is a woman – a working mom of younger adults who continues to be actively engaged with numerous sectors of the community while retaining a career.   Rob, on the other hand, is a Hispanic American with younger children interwoven into the community at many levels.  Both of these candidates and their families are rooted and engrained in the fabric of our town.

Doc Robinson, New Providence Councilman

For many years, Michele Matsikoudis and Rob Munoz have served our community in leadership positions through local politics, the school system and varied community activities. Michele and Rob are important parts of the past and present fabric of our wonderful town. They are the best candidates to serve on the New Providence Borough Council in large part because of their personal connection to our community and a record of responding to residents’ issues and concerns.

Rob and Michele are energetic, approachable and experienced leaders who will work hard to achieve our future shared visions for New Providence through their active involvement in our day-to-day lives. They have worked very hard for us so far and have promised to do so for many years to come. 

Peter DeSarno, New Providence Councilman

Participating in our local government is another manner in which residents choose to serve this special community that we all love.  I believe one should look at the experience, background, skill sets, connection to the community and vision that each would bring to the office.  After careful analysis, I believe that the individuals that would best serve our community on Council are Councilman Robert Munoz and Michele Matsikoudis.  

Michele is filled with energy and eager to take on challenges.  There is no doubt, she will have a positive impact on Council. Rob played a role in leading improvements to the fields which our community enjoys.  As an Attorney, Councilman Munoz strong legal background coupled with his steady leadership makes him a valued member of Council. 

Matthew Cumiskey, New Providence Councilman

Rob and Michele have demonstrated great leadership and passion as they served New Providence over the last decade. I fully endorse them both and hope you will join me and vote for the two best candidates for New Providence Borough Council. I have received all the mailings and have read the social media posts and most importantly, I attended the Candidate Forum. It is clear to me who the best 2 candidates are: Rob Munoz and Michele Matsikoudis are clearly the right choice for New Providence Borough Council.


Also former elected officials have weighed in on their support for Michele and Rob.

Jim Madden, Former New Providence Councilman

Michele and Rob represent and epitomize the very best of New Providence which is evident in the many results that you can point to within our community.   They can speak to what they achieved and not merely what they think they want to do.   They are the only two candidates with a steep investment and contribution within a vast span of involvement.  They are the only two candidates in the upcoming Borough Council election worthy of my support and hearty endorsement. 

Gary Kapner, Former New Providence Councilman

Michele Matsikoudis and Rob Munoz will continue to fight for our community. They will work hard to control overdevelopment and mitigate the damage done to our community by the courts, while working hard to maintain our small-town character.  They will continue to deliver the high level of services we expect from borough government while being fiscally responsible with our tax dollars. They have the knowledge, experience, and leadership skills to build on the successes of past councils.

Vince Vyzas, Former New Providence Councilman

I ask that you carefully review all the Candidates Statements and consider supporting Rob and Michele for Borough Council. They have raised their families in New Providence and their children have all attended New Providence Public Schools. Both Rob and Michele have a strong and proven record of dedication to our community and have played a positive, personal role in keeping New Providence a wonderful place to live for us all.

I will be voting for Rob and Michele because EXPERIENCE MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE when considering the needs of our families and the interests of our town. 

As you can see, the support for Rob and Michele from current and former elected officials is unmatched.  I urge everyone to vote for Michele and Rob on November 5th.  Vote Column B for Matsikoudis and Muñoz.

Alex Kogan

New Providence Resident