As residents of this wonderful community for more than 35 years, we are proud to call New
Providence our home and hoping to stay here for years to come. New Providence is facing
challenges of a congested downtown and the town leadership offers excuses and blame rather
than answers. When asked to join a rising chorus on the issues of sustainability and the
environment, their response is to wait for others to act first. What further evidence do we need
to see that complacency is not an acceptable anymore?

John FX Keane, the Democratic candidate for town council, has been a civic leader in New
Providence for more than 30 years of leadership experience on the Recreation Committee, the
Downtown Improvement District, Scouting, the NP Band Parents, the Lions Club and more.
John’s professional experience as a community banker adds to his credentials for working with
local businesses and their perspectives for growth. His bona fides did not come as last-minute
appointments to town committees, but rather as a lifetime of commitment to community.
Like John and his wife Jessie, we both raised our children here and benefited from the excellent
school system. None of that happened by accident, as it was the people before us who
decided to invest in the schools. John has a vision for a safer more sustainable New
Providence. Let’s look forward and invest in New Providence and vote for John FX Keane on
November 5th.

Jayne and Dave Graepel