It is my distinct honor and pleasure to support John Everitt for New Providence Borough Council. As a former councilman having served 9 years, I can fully attest to the qualifications and experience that would best serve the people of New Providence.

John is a successful businessman in New Providence. He owns two local businesses here in New Providence and also owns commercial real estate in town. His business and technical expertise would add an invaluable and unique perspective not currently represented on council. In addition to his outstanding resume and qualifications, John is a proven leader. He has served as President of the New Providence Lions Club, where I am an active member serving under his leadership. John has also served as President of the Heritage Village Home Owners Association, and Vice Chair of the New Providence Republican Committee. John has a genuine commitment to community service. John is engaged and doesn’t just sign up for stuff. He is the one to roll up his sleeves and get things done. Above all of this, and more importantly, John has genuine integrity and “Honesty”. His word is his bond. He is not deceptive, or a “behind closed doors” kind of guy. John is open, honest, a straight shooter, direct and transparent. You can count on him to do his homework, due diligence, be decisive and inclusive. John behaves responsibly in all that he says and does. John always represents himself and the offices he holds with dignity, which I truly respect him for.

Please join me in supporting John Everitt for New Providence Borough Council. Please vote for John Everitt this June 4th in the Republican Primary.

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In your service,

Former Councilman Armand Galluccio

New Providence Borough Council