NEW PROVIDENCE, NJ - Adams Fine Clothing has converted their tailor shop to make facemasks for first responders.

To do this, he is asking for the community's help. He is trying to manufacture the masks as quickly as possible and is looking for the following supplies that are specified by local hospitals:

  1. A tightly woven lightweight COTTON, such as sheet, or similar material, for the front layer. New sheets should be UNWASHED. Keep in mind that this fabric will go across someone’s mouth so it should be in good condition.
  2. Softer cotton, such as flannel, for the back layer.
  3. Rope elastic, cord elastic or 1/8” flat elastic

"We cannot make masks without your help," said Joe Savino, owner of Adams Fine Clothing. You can also purchase items listed above from fabric stores that are open or order cotton sheets online.

Time is of the essence, supplies can be left in drop off box located outside of Adams Clothing Store at 1275 Springfield Avenue in New Providence.