NEW PROVIDENCE, NJ - Front line hero and New Providence resident, Dr. Mark Zimmerman, a pulmonologist currently working at Intensive Care Units at three local Atlantic Health locations received a birthday treat by way of two very special interstate acts of kindness.

“Every year for as long as I could remember my husband gets a Häagen-Daz ice cream birthday cake for his birthday which is May 1st,” said Dr. Zimmerman’s wife, Terri.  Upon attempting to order the coveted ice cream cake, Terri learned that all Häagen-Daz locations in New Jersey were closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The closest open location was in Park Slope, Brooklyn.  “I made a call to ask if they would ship an ice cream cake with dry ice, they would not,” she explained.  However, the woman on the phone, Farrell Sefer, said she would drive the cake to New Jersey on her own time because she appreciated the work that Dr. Zimmerman was doing. “I was in complete disbelief being that she did not know me or my husband. I agreed, thinking I would give her a nice big tip,” said Terri. Sefer took the order and then told Terri that her manager, Danny Lifavi, said that the cake was free and thanked her for her husband’s work.

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Inside the packaged cake was a note:

Dear Terri, her husband Mark, and your entire family,

Thank you for all that you do. You deserve so much more than this cake. Your sacrifices have saved lives, and no amount of thanks (or cakes) can make up for that. Bringing you this cake was absolutely a no-brainer for me. I hope Mark has an incredible, blessed birthday. I will always remember you both and will cherish this always in my heart. You both deserve the most beautiful parts of life, and I can only pray that you got them. Thank you, thank you for everything you do. Have the happiest birthday. Love, Farrell Sefer.

“I cannot express what this act of kindness and generosity means to me. There I was just trying to make my husband happy who had to work on his birthday and who had been working such long and hard hours during this pandemic. I never thought it would turn into two unbelievable acts of kindness and generosity well above the call of duty,” Terri said.  “I want to say thank you to Farrell and Danny and tell all of Park Slope that you are all very lucky to have this business as part of your neighborhood.” 

This Haagen-Dazs is located at 109 Seventh Avenue in Park Slope Brooklyn, NY.