Smart 911 will send this message after they have made repeated attempts to get the subscriber to verify or update their Smart 911 profile.  The Smart 911 profile verification effort is progressive, starting with reminder emails to verify your information, followed by the message above, followed by a final last step of a phone call from Smart 911.  If all of those steps are ignored, the profile originally created to appear in a call center (when 911 is dialed) will be removed. 

With six million subscribers in the national Smart911 database and the information being shared nationwide, maintaining updated user profile information is critical.  When you go in to update your profile, you will now have an option on the right side of the screen to OPT IN for preferences.  This will allow you to share your selected changes with New Providence Emergency Services to help 911 with response.  By opting in, there is also a new medical selection for Covid-19. 

Please note, however, that regardless of whether you verify your Smart911 profile, the borough still has the ability to reach you through phone calls, emails or texts.  The verification process simply erases the profile that would appear in the 911 call center.  Obviously, during this critical time of our lives, having up-to-date information on file is critical.  If you are contacted by Smart911, please take a moment to verify that the information in your profile remains complete and accurate.