We have a lot of wonderful community events and activities going on this weekend in and around New Providence. Please join Mrs. Morgan and me in celebrating community!

The Heritage Committee has partnered with the New Providence Memorial Library to provide this fun interactive activity all weekend long celebrating New Providence, our history, landmarks and points of interest. We will be excited to hear what the participants found!

Flags Across New Providence Community Flag Day Challenge: Due to COVID19 concerns, the American Legion had decided some time ago that they would not be hosting our traditional Flag Day flag retirement ceremony. They respectfully request that we each try if we are able, to display an American flag on Flag Day this Sunday 6/14. The community is also invited to participate in a flag day challenge.

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1. This week during Flag Week, read the US Flag Code. https://www.military.com/flag-day/us-flag-code.html

2. Do you have an American flag or flag bunting on display at your home? After reading the US Flag Code, check to see if it is properly displayed. You can also draw a properly displayed flag.

3. Send us a picture of your flag, uniform flag patch, flag drawing, selfie with your flag, family photo with or next to your flag, and/or pet flag photos. Organizations, Borough departments, and  local businesses are all also invited to participate! *Please be sure you have permission to post anyone in your photo.

Email your photo(s) and/or picture(s) to : npflagday@gmail.com

All pictures submitted (facebook & email) will be collected and used in a community video slideshow showcasing American Flags Across New Providence, and will be shared with the community.

Deadline to participate, post, or submit pictures (as many as you would like!) is next Friday June 20th 9pm. Happy Flag Day! 🇺🇸

For more information please visit

NEW PROVIDENCE-OUR COMMUNITY FOR ALL will be installing the 300 “Out of Many, ONE!” flag banners created individually by residents and will be joined together to make a large art display in Centennial Park for all to enjoy all this week beginning this evening. We can not wait to see what everyone created!

The New Providence Diversity Committee invites everyone this Sunday, June 14th 2pm-3pm, for their 2nd Annual Race Unity Day 2020: Voices for a Stronger New Providence virtual event. Anyone can join by registering on the link below. Come together virtually to celebrate our differences, understand shared experiences of our neighbors through their respective lenses, and how to become a better ally. Local speakers from within our community and beyond will share their own narratives and anecdotes to help promote inclusivity, understanding, tolerance, and what it means to be an ally. Please register for this virtual event at: https://bit.ly/RaceUnity2020 to receive your link to join.

Community Vigil: Later Sunday evening 7:30pm at Centennial Park, everyone is invited to a Community Vigil for Black Lives led by local students in partnership with the New Providence Diversity Committee, and supported by Mayor and Council, and our NPPD. Everyone is welcomed to attend, and encouraged to practice social distancing, and a safety-first approach. For more information about the Race Unity event, Community Vigil, or about the New Providence Diversity Committee, please contact New Providence Diversity Committee Chairman, Sunil Abrol at (908) 251-2059, Event Chair Leslie Hall at (917) 476-9050, or via email at newprovidencediversity@gmail.com.

We look forward to seeing you around town! Be well, be safe, and stay strong! We are one day closer to normalcy! Pioneer Strong!
- Mayor Al Morgan