Happy Mother’s Day! Today we celebrate the true unsung heroes in our lives who should be celebrated every day and not only today, our Mothers. Especially during these unprecedented times, when for many of our mothers, the true labors of love have fallen almost squarely upon their shoulders. In addition to their own responsibilities, many of our mothers are or have become sole providers, full care givers, home educators, full time playmates and companions, all while doing all they can to keep their families safe, nurtured, loved, secured, protected, calm, “normal”, and their homes stable and peaceful. It is not easy. Today and every day, we thank them and appreciate them all.

To all of our mothers who are health care providers, first responders, and essential workers, the burdens and sacrifices you have been making will never be fully repaid, but know we will always be eternally grateful for your selfless good work. Without you, we would never be able to get through any of this. We thank you all!

For all of our mothers who we have sadly lost, today we remember and thank you all too for giving us the strength, courage, and fortitude to carry on with you in our hearts. May the painful emptiness and loss that many of us feel today be comforted in the knowledge that a mothers love is eternal and with us always.

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For those who have been estranged, and those whose motherhood journey may have been a far more difficult path to follow, we are thinking of you today too.

Today, especially during these unprecedented times, not being able to see or hug many of our loved ones will be unbearable. Hopefully soon this will all pass, and we can celebrate reunions. We will get through this.

To all of our moms, thank you for all you do and for all you have been doing to help keep everything together, which helps us get through all this, helping to keep us all together. We thank you!

Have a very Happy Mother’s Day!
-Mayor Al Morgan