NEW PROVIDENCE, NJ -  Maser Consulting P.A. has been awarded the consulting contract for their professional engineering services relating to the project known as Tennis Court Repairs in the amount not to exceed $4,500. 

Borough Engineer Andrew Hipolit, Senior Principal at Maser Consulting, spoke at the June 24 council meeting to discuss the Maser Consulting's evaluation and recommendation for the borough tennis court repairs.  Hipolit said, "We don't think it is a subsurface problem, we think it's traditional wear. -- We think courts one through four [replaced 8 years ago], you should repair those." -- He recommends the borough to budget money for 2020 to redo courts four through eight -- "these courts haven't been touched in 35 years." 

Hipolit said a conservative estimate to rehab and touch-up courts one through four is $80,000.  "I anticipate it coming in lower," he said. 

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Courts one through four have a few more rehabs over the next 10 years while you redo the other courts behind it, said Hipolit. "This will set you apart 10 years. So, every 10 years, you should be budgetting to repave the courts -- that is normal for tennis courts." 

Council President Michael Gennaro asked for confirmation that what is being proposed is the best solution. "Bottom line -- what is being proposed here is the most cost effective solution to essentially maintaining these courts? We aren't putting a Band-Aid on an open wound? There is nothing else we should do in terms of reconstruction? This is what we need to do and is the perfect solution?" Hipolit confirmed, "Yes, courts one through four, this is normal maintenance." 

Councilman Bob Robinson said, the idea is not to just keep doing this, but to try to set a program into effect where we are rehabbing one court and redoing one court. 

Hipolit said that every community in the United States faces this problem with crack repairs.

They also looked into a surface called Snap Court. This surface is an open grated tile surface supported by USTA, however, high school coaches prefer asphalt surface for competition.