NEW PROVIDENCE, NJ – Two formal actions discussed during the Borough Council will help to fulfill the borough’s agreement to provide affordable housing.

Resolution 2019-218, passed by the borough council during its meeting Monday night, approves the borough’s Affirmative Marketing Plan, which will publicize the availability of affordable housing to the public.

Meanwhile, Ordinance 2019-10, introduced during the meeting, will establish administrative oversight to ensure that the requirements of the affordable housing settlement are being met.

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Councilman Robert Muñoz explained both items during the meeting.

“As part of our settlement with fair share housing, we had to adopt a marketing plan to let the public know of the availability of any low- or moderate-income housing, whenever it is available in the borough,” Muñoz said. “Currently, the housing we have now, […] there’s a lottery for it, and we are going to publicize it,” using online methods and by cooperating with paper news outlets, he said.

“This resolution also adopts a very similar marketing plan for, in the future, affordable housing that is built in New Providence,” Muñoz added.

Muñoz then explained the introduced ordinance, which he said is designed “to address requirements of the Fair Housing Act.”

“This basically helps to create the administrative arm that’s going to help to run the affordable housing in New Providence,” he said. The ordinance will address and ensure compliance with the requirements of the borough’s affordable housing settlement.

A hearing to ensure compliance with the settlement originally scheduled for Monday was rescheduled for a later date, said Councilman Bob Robinson, who presided over the Borough Council meeting. This delay allows the borough to adequately prepare for the hearing by taking steps to comply with the settlement, said Borough Administrator Douglas Marvin. The hearing is now set for November 4 at 1:30 p.m., Marvin said.

In February, the Borough Council approved the borough’s affordable housing settlement, which allows for the construction of 1209 residential units, 316 of which will be affordable units. At their September 9 meeting, the council approved an ordinance amending zoning requirements to allow developers to build residential units in designated areas.