NEW PROVIDENCE, NJ – The Borough Council introduced an ordinance to amend some zoning regulations at its Monday, March 25 meeting. The Planning Board has prepared the proposed zoning changes.

The proposed zoning changes will allow a ranch type house to cover 25 percent of the lot, up from 20 percent previously. The other proposed zoning change relaxes the use of a home for office purposes as many residents now work from home.

The changes will allow a home to be used for small businesses such as small contractors, electricians, painters, and technology companies. However, only the resident of the dwelling and no more than one non-resident are allowed to work in the residence. The office space is limited to 400 square feet and it has to be located in only one room of the dwelling unit. Furthermore, no hazardous materials can be stored in the dwelling. There cannot be any changes in the outside appearance of a home used for business, such as signs or lights.

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Home based businesses cannot require additional electricity or water use, nor use equipment that creates noise, vibration, glare, fumes, odors, or electrical or electronic interference, including interference with telephone, radio or television reception, detectable by neighboring residents. There are also limits to deliveries and parking. Clients and customers are permitted to visit the home based office between 8 am and 8 pm.

With regard to other news the council approved a resolution to have American Recycling Technologies, Inc. place two clothing collection bins at the New Providence Rescue Squad. The company will pay quarterly $500/bin to the Municipal Alliance. This is an opportunity for the Municipal Alliance to fund some of their programs, Councilwoman Nadine Geoffroy explained.

Furthermore, the council approved seven events sponsored by the New Providence Business and Professional Association in 2019. The first event is the 5K Sharing Network race that will take place on June 2. The event usually attracts approximately 10,000 people, Councilman Robert Munoz said. The Independence Day celebration will take place on July 3. The annual concert series kicks off on July 18. Other concert dates are July 25, August 1 and August 6 which coincides with the National Night Out.

The fall events include the annual Street Fair scheduled for October 27. The Holiday Festival will take place on November 29 with the same format as 2018. The event includes the Christmas Walk and International Fair. November 30 is Small Business Saturday.