NEW PROVIDENCE, NJ – The Borough Council approved a resolution objecting to high-density housing at its Monday, May 6 meeting. The council is also urging residents to sign a letter to express their concerns and objections against high-density housing. The model letter will be available on the borough’s website and at various borough buildings, including the Borough Hall, DeCorso Center and the Library.

“The Governing Body of New Providence believes that the proper application of zoning principles dictates that issues related to density, infrastructure, traffic, and the adequacy of public safety institutions such as police, fire and rescue should all be factored into zoning decisions when considering disproportionately large increases to population densities…”, the resolution read.  Furthermore, the resolution noted that the cost of living in New Jersey is already amongst the highest in the country, and the potential cost for infrastructural upgrades due to high-density housing will further add to the taxpayers’ burden. The resolution is also urging the state legislature to develop a bi-partisan agreement to deal with affordable housing need on a statewide basis starting 2025.

Residents can use the model letter or write their own letter to the legislature. The borough is asking residents to take action within 30 days. The borough will collect residents’ letters and attached them to its resolution to be sent to Trenton. Residents can also address the letters directly to their state representatives.

A couple of residents addressed the council regarding affordable housing as public discussion and concern continues.