NEW PROVIDENCE, NJ – Girl Scout Troop 45063 representing 26 first graders from Allen W. Roberts School and their leader Mary Housel attended the Monday, March 25 council meeting to tell the council members about their recent project.

The troop had researched all borough parks and found some inconsistencies in the numbers of trash and recyclable bins. They also reported sighting of litter at the parks and offered solutions to the problems they identified.

The troop reported that there are the following numbers of trash and recycle bins at each park:

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PARKS                                   TRASH CANS      RECYCLE CANS   LITTERING SIGNS

Jaycee Park                            5                              5                              0

Centennial Park                       4                              4                              0

Veteran’s Mem. Park               2                              0                              0

Elkwood Park                          2                              2                              0

Oakwood Park                        15                           10                             1

Lion’s Park                               6                              2                              0

Warner Field                            0                              0                              0

Grove Terrace Field                 2                              2                              0

Hillview Field                           2                              0                              0

Based on their findings the troop members suggested that the borough place “No Littering” signs in all the parks. They had also discovered a soccer net in the woods of Elkwood Park, and suggested that it be removed. They had also found golf balls at some parks and suggested that “No Golfing” signs be placed at the parks and that the golf balls, where found, be removed. Moreover, they suggested that trash and recycling bins be placed at parks where they are missing. Furthermore, they suggested that the parks either be equipped with “No Dogs Allowed” signs, or where dogs are allowed with dog waste bag dispensers.

Council President Michael Gennaro commended the troop for alerting the council to problems that the council members previously had not been aware. Councilwoman Nadine Geoffroy also thanked the girls for identifying problems, reporting them and offering solutions to fix them.

Additionally, Housel explained that the troop would like to place a little self-standing library booth at which people can drop off and borrow a book at the Jaycee Park.