Borough Urges All Residents to Create a Smart 911 Emergency Safety Profile to Provide Vital Information to First Responders and to Sign Up for Smart 911 Alerts to Receive Emergency Notifications

Public safety officials in New Providence urge all residents to sign up for Smart 911.   Through one sign up process, residents can share important information with 9-1-1 responders and also receive timely emergency and community alerts. The borough will no longer be using the Code Red system to send emergency announcements and will instead send them through Smart 911.  Residents must register by October 1 to receive Smart 911 alerts even if you had previously registered with Code Red. As of October 13, 2019, Code red will no longer be operable for our residents. Your personal contact information will not transfer from Code Red to Smart 911. 

Sign up for free on the borough website, or at or download the Smart911 app.  You can create a new profile or update your existing profile to receive timely and actionable emergency alerts via email, text or voice message. You can also identify when and how you are alerted and communicated with before, during, and after emergencies. If you don’t have access to a computer or you need assistance registering, you can sign up at the DeCorso community Center, the New Providence Memorial Library or at the Clerk’s Office in the Municipal Center.

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“Smart 911 will improve safety in our town and help inform residents of potentially life-saving actions they may need to take in an emergency,” said Anthony Buccelli, New Providence Chief of Police and OEM Coordinator.  “Smart911 Emergency Safety Profiles and the Smart 911 Alert system allow both residents and first responders to be better informed in an emergency situation.”

Smart 911 is a free service that allows individuals to improve their personal safety by creating a Safety Profile for their household that can include any information they want 9-1-1 call takers and first responders to have in the event of an emergency.  If they need to dial 9-1-1, their Safety Profile will immediately display on the call taker’s screen, saving critical seconds and even minutes in responding to the emergency.  Individuals can also register to receive alert notifications from New Providence regarding potentially hazardous situations involving weather, traffic, and other emergencies.

“Smart 911 saves critical time in an emergency when seconds count,” said Buccelli.  “The key information provided in a Smart 911 Safety Profile enables us to know exactly where we are going and who we are looking for.  If there is a medical emergency or a house fire, those details can help us respond