NEW PROVIDENCE, NJ - Sunday, August 11 at 8 a.m., clergy and parishioners at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church in New Providence, will hold a ceremony to invert and raise the US Flag.  They will ring an ancient bell once for each victim of last weekend’s shootings, and they will say prayers for the dead, the grieving, and for the nation before righting the flag back to its proper position.

“I want to send a clear signal in the light of day so everyone can see.  Flag inversion is a universal signal of distress and a request for assistance.  It does not disrespect the flag, and we are making no political statement other than our nation is in distress and needs help.  We are doing this a week after the incidents because people hold vigils and then move on.  We want to remember, and we want everyone to know our concern,” said Father Daniel Gunn.  

The Rev’d Dr. Daniel C. Gunn has offered prayers at Presidential campaigns, The US House of Representatives, the PA House and Senate, and at a joint session of the NJ legislature at the invitation of members of both political parties.  “We are not telling politicians what legislation to pass, how to vote, nor anything of the sort, but we do want them to pay attention to us as people of faith.  We feel distressed, burdened, and frankly a little tired of ineffective rhetoric.  We want common sense action for safety and peace,” Father Gunn said. 

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Members of the community regardless of faith are invited to attend.  People are encouraged to wear orange, the color used for hunting safety.

For more information, call the church office at 908-464-4875, or email