For 32 years, Queen Pizza operated out of a small storefront on Halsey Street, serving up its famous Grandma’s Pizza, Buffalo Pizza, and Chicken Cheesesteaks.

But when Prudential began construction on its new office tower between Broad and Halsey streets in 2013, Queen Pizza was forced to shutter its doors as the construction project consumed the block where the pizzeria was located.

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After being closed for 15 months, Queen Pizza reopened a few weeks ago on the next block in a ground floor location of Hartz-owned building that houses state offices and Newark Public Schools.

Owner Joseph Cutri also thinks that business will be solid again once more people move into downtown Newark. Cutri said Prudential gave him a loan to open in its new location, which has a more upscale appearance than the previous location, including a wide-open spacious dining area and marble countertops.

Queen Pizza has also revamped its menu, including a breakfast menu that has breakfast sandwiches, platters, and coffee. All their salads are named after the streets of Newark.