The editors and writers at TAPinto Newark thought we'd mark the end of the decade with a list of the top 10 Newark stories during the last 10 years. Though TAPinto Newark was founded in 2017, most of us have been involved in Newark in one way or another for many years.

This is certainly by no means a definitive list and we hope it encourages debate among our readers. The stories were selected based on the impact they had at the time as well as the impact they continue to have to this day.

Here’s our list (click on each headline for more):

10. The Star-Ledger Leaves Newark
9. Passing of the Torch in the North Ward
8. Reduction in Newark’s Crime over a Decade
7. The Passing of Newark’s Giants
6. Mark Zuckerberg Donates $100 million to Newark Schools
5. Getting the Lead Out
4. Local Control of Schools Returned to Newark
3. Mayor Cory Booker runs for Senate, Then President
2. Ras Baraka Defeats Shavar Jeffries for Mayor
1. Development and Gentrification of Newark