It’s time to put a stop to the big-spending progressive liberal agenda of the SCCC Board of Trustees. Let’s move the college forward with fiscal conservatives who will lead with honesty and integrity. Now more than ever, Sussex County values need to be preserved by people who will stop the reckless spending and insider backroom deals which take advantage of the hard-working taxpayer. We cannot let fiscally irresponsible big-spenders lead SCCC down a dark and dangerous path. Enough is enough.

The County Search Committee is taking applications for the position of Trustee on the Board of the Sussex County Community College.  If you know how to balance a budget and want to fight for taxpayers, submit your resume NOW.  All resumes and applicant statements are due by 08/21/2020.  Please forward resumes to  Make sure you copy  For more information on the role of a Trustee, please go to