NEWTON, NJ—Despite the warnings of snow, family members, friends, teachers and board of education members came out to the Newton High School library to recognize 12 outstanding students for their enthusiasm when it comes to reading on Tuesday night.

Erin Marmara, the teacher-librarian at Newton High School, along with Carolyn McKnight, the librarian from Halsted, and Ashley Porter from Merriam Avenue, ran the event.

The students from Merriam Avenue went first. The students had recorded video clips for the public’s viewing about why they love to read.

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They were asked what their favorite book was, along with why that book was their favorite. They were also asked how they feel when they read, most said happy.

The middle school students went next and while they were asked the same questions, what’s your favorite book and why and how do you feel when you read, their answers were a little bit more elaborate.

Julien Ross, the fifth grade recipient said that he likes reading because “you can read the words and picture any part of the story in your mind, where a movie gives you the pictures to see, in a book you can create them on your own.”

For some students, reading is a difficult task and often parents and teachers feel like they’re pulling teeth and nails just to get a student to read the required school reading.

Since technology has come into play in the newer generations, getting a student to read an actual book has also become increasingly more difficult.

However, for the 12 students named the Enthusiastic Readers of 2018, this is not the case. These students will pick up book after book because of the exciting an enticing characters or scenes that the books portray.

Some of the students explained that they enjoy reading because it “brings me to a different realm” and “it helps me escape from what’s going on around me in the real world”, and one student, Benjamin Aro said it best, “I Love Reading.”

The Recipients of the Enthusiastic Readers Award for 2018 are as follows:

  • Kindergarten- Lillian Schlesinger
  • Grade 1- Charlotte Mace
  • Grade 2- Jayson Carides
  • Grade 3- Josie Faines
  • Grade 4- Max Faye
  • Grade 5- Julien Ross
  • Grade 6- Maeve Daingerfield
  • Grade 7- Jean Pierre Reyes
  • Grade 8- Benjamin Aro
  • Grade 9- Katelyn McDade (who was unable to be present)
  • Grade 10- Tavionna Simons
  • Grade 11- Nazim Izeiroski
  • Grade 12- Christopher Chan (who was unable to be present)

Chan, a senior at Newton High School’s video really spoke to the audience when he noted that “he will not sit by and stare at a computer screen all day, he would much rather read a book.”