Samuel K. Burlum, Extreme Energy Solutions Inc. CEO/President is slated as a Guest Speaker for the World Green Energy Symposium, held in Washington DC on June 21, 2012. In his address is "The Source of the Problem", topics will cover four main categories; embracing innovative technology, balanced information, regulatory and legislative challenges, and value creation. Other speakers include Representatives from the Department of Defense, Department of Energy, Homeland Security, as well as individuals from institutions of thought.

The World Green Energy Symposium is an annual gathering of Industry Leaders and officials seeking business and/or to procure innovation; Federal, State, Local Government Officials and Policymakers seeking to identify, inform, exchange & outreach with public and private sectors within this field; Scientists, Professors, IT Professionals, Researchers & Innovators providing updates/education & information; and Universities seeking information on jobs & new disciplines, all aiding in new green job creation. This platform provides top experts covering well planned agenda of current topics/training for your business and agency in this industry; new policies are unveiled and proposed policies discussed; industry exhibitors present new innovative products, technology, and services while government agencies provide information on procurement and contracting with agencies. Industry sectors of clean energy, renewable energy, innovative technology, environmental sustainability, as well as the public sector of governing agencies interested in implementing greener policies and practices.

Al Cole from CBS Radio, is the Communications Director for the World Green Energy Symposium. "In my work with the WGES, I've been blessed with the eye-opening knowledge of some of the greatest green energy experts in the country. I've come away with a richer, more inspired understanding of our expanding energy potentials for the future," commented Cole, "One of the focuses of my radio show 'People of Distinction' is to highlight outstanding business accomplishment as it relates to the true elevation of our human family. This is exactly what our World Green Energy Symposium will accomplish. Innovation is key to excellence in talk show design as well as in energy design. We must encourage ways of making efficiency and more affordable energy costs a mainstream reality in our society. A better environment and a more sustainable economy will be two of the many benefits that all of our WGES speakers will eloquently define."

Cole continued "I believe that every American will benefit from clean, affordable energy, and the creation of jobs resulting from this will lead us into an age of greater security and prosperity. We cannot afford to fear innovation. We must have the courage to embrace the energy challenges of our future, especially energy innovations which lead inevitably to a higher quality of life for all of our human family.
Recently I had the pleasure of Samuel Burlum's guest appearance on my syndicated show 'People of Distinction'. Samuel proved beyond a doubt that he is a person of distinction in both the world of business and in the world of personal character. His interview is a must hear for those who are inspired by both. His interview was an outstanding example of pinpointing new directions in energy and green technology, while holding fast to some of our finest traditional core values."

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