NEWTON, NJ—The Halsted Middle School administrators and teachers celebrated the 2020 Enthusiastic Readers.

Normally the Board of Education holds a meeting and recognizes all Enthusiastic readers for all three schools. This year due to COVID-19, Halsted Middle School held a small breakfast just for their readers.

The winners of the 2020 Enthusiastic Readers Award from Halsted Middle School:

  • Fifth grade-Morgan Daingerfield
  • Sixth grade-Logan Egner
  • Seventh grade-Riddhi Patel, and Loraine Sanchez Vinces
  • Eighth grade-Jesse Sych

Nominations for the 2020 Enthusiastic Readers:

  • Fifth grade-Josie Faines, Morgan Dangerfield, Megan Mulooon, Jordin Regula, Brianna Murray
  • Sixth grade-Loretta Samples, Logan Egner, Jack Leatham, Tyler Casper
  • Seventh grade-Tiffany Smith, Ridhi Patel, Lorean Sanchez Vinces
  • Eighth grade-Ava Bryski, Jesse Sych