Merriam Ave School Tennis Courts

What a shock!  This morning my husband and I went to the tennis courts at Merriam Avenue School in Newton only to find that they have been terribly neglected.  Two of the courts are not usable due to the large cracks and weeds growing out of them.  The third is on its way to being unplayable also.

There is absolutely no excuse for allowing the courts to fall into such an abominable state.  We pay so much in school taxes.  Granted, tennis is not the popular sport that football, soccer, and field hockey are but, if you are going to have courts, they must be maintained.  

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I realize that the high school boys tennis team did not play this spring and the girls will not play in the fall, but it is unacceptable for the courts to be neglected because of that.  Look at the other school courts in the county.  They are in good condition. I have been invited to play on many public courts this summer, all maintained so that the citizens who pay for their maintenance through their taxes can enjoy them.  Why is our Board of Education shortchanging us?   Maybe they are not aware of the issue.  I hope this letter brings the issue to their attention.

Playing tennis is one of the outdoor activities we are allowed to do this summer.  

The residents of Newton deserve better.