NEWTON, NJ—Teachers from Merriam Avenue School got together on Thursday, March 2 at McDonald’s in Newton to raise money for the PTO at the first ever “McTeacher’s Night.”

This fundraiser, however, was unlike most. This one called for the teachers to be hands-on…behind the counter of the McDonalds.

From 4:30 p.m. until 6:30 p.m., teachers were making milkshakes and drinks, taking orders at the counter, making French fries, and some were even cooking chicken and meat in the back, all with the help of the employees of the Newton McDonalds.

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The lobby was continuously packed for two hours with students and families of the Newton school district. Kenney Lutz, Assistant Principal at Merriam spearheaded the entire fundraising operation for Merriam Avenue.

“He came up with the idea, he contacted the management and owner of McDonalds, he presented the idea to the PTO, he reached out to the Merriam Ave. staff for volunteers, he created the flyer, he essentially organized the whole event,” said Board of Education member and mother of Newton students, Joan Faye. “Kenny Lutz believes in connecting the school district with the community. He works hard on that mission.”

When asked, some of the students who attended McDonalds to get food with their parents said that it was “a little weird to see my teacher back there” and “that’s my art teacher Mrs. Thurston and fast food and art together, that’s great”.

“We made $555, but McDonald's rounded it up to $750,” said Lutz. “The McDonald's staff was top shelf and so helpful to us. Their manager, Bill, and the owner Todd, are two great people who care a great deal about Newton and its students.”

The Merriam Avenue staff said they had a great time and enjoyed working with the McDonald's staff and serving the public. They also said they are looking forward to doing it again in the near future.