NEWTON, NJ—Newton Board of Education is updating their vision and mission statement. The board of education posted the request on their website on May 24 seeking input from the community.

“Revisions to our district vision/mission statement are being proposed to the Board of Education. The previous version has been in place for many years. The proposed statements retain the essential elements that continue to be relevant for us, and build in references to more recent goals. We seek public input on the proposal, which is attached below. Please feel free to share any comments, suggestions, etc. using the Contact form on our home page”.

After a month of having the forum out to the public, the Newton Board of Education drafted and proposed a newly updated vision and mission statement.  It was approved during their June board meeting.

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The updated version will be read aloud at every Board of Education meeting in the future.

The announcement was printed in summer edition of The Brave News. “On June 27, the Board of Education approved an updated version of the district’s version of education and mission statement. Important additions include references to core district values such as student-centered learning, community schools, sustainability, and character education. The document was posted to all stakeholders for review and suggestions, and here is the completed version:

Vision of Education

Free public education for all children is a cornerstone of a democratic society that values the worth and dignity of each individual. The primary goal of the Newton Board of Education shall be to offer each child in this district the educational opportunity that will enable him/her to function politically, economically, and socially in that society.

Mission Statement

The mission of Newton Public Schools is to educate the whole child.

We believe today’s students will become tomorrow’s leaders. Therefore, it is our expectation that all students shall achieve the New Jersey Student Learning Standards at all grade levels, and graduate ready for college, careers, and life.

We believe success is an unlimited commodity, and every child can be successful. Therefore, we focus all that we do on student learning, whether that comes through academics, athletics, the arts, student activities, or community service,

We believe in the power of diversity. Therefore, we look to identify the unique talents of our students, and help them to build those talents into strengths by expanding their knowledge and skills.

We believe in the value of care. Therefore, we put trust, respect, and support at the heart of our school culture, and safety, security, and sustainability at the center of our physical environment.

We believe parents, teachers, support staff, and citizens must partner in order to help children achieve their highest potential. Therefore, we organize ourselves as community school to ensure we allocate sufficient resources to the social, emotional, and physical well-being of our students as well as to their academic achievement.”

According to Stella Dunn, Newton Board of Education President, the new mission statement will be read aloud at every meeting, starting the meeting off, by having one board member each read a portion of the statement. This began at their July meeting.