NEWTON. NJ—The Newton High School bowling team got shut out by Wallkill Valley when they played them home on Tuesday, and lost 7-0.

“Several Newton bowling members continue to work on their approach to the game,” head coach John Zwitkowits said. “They've made some great improvements, but as a whole, we need to be making our spares more consistently.”

The results of the Newton players for their three games are as follows:

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Game 1:

  • Ben Austin- 200
  • Robert Burt-124
  • Brandon Carnegie- 101
  • Reese Matonis-140
  • Victoria Schmatstich-142

Game 2:

  • Ben Austin- 152
  • Robert Burt-86
  • Brandon Carnegie- 125
  • Reese Matonis-119
  • Victoria Schmatstich-101

Game 3:

  • Ben Austin- 210
  • Robert Burt-155
  • Brandon Carnegie- 115
  • Reese Matonis-107
  • Victoria Schmatstich-92

Set Scores:

  • Ben Austin-562
  • Robert Burt-365
  • Brandon Carnegie- 341
  • Reese Matonis-366
  • Victoria Schmatstich-335

“Ben Austin led the way for Newton with a 562 series and a game high of 210.  Jon Hall headed the Wallkill attack with a 583 series,” Zwitkowits said.