NEWTON, NJ—As the sun was shining and despite multiple activities going on throughout the county, the Newton Fire Department had a large crowd attend its annual Steak Bust event on Saturday, June 3.

“This year’s turnout was a bit lighter due to having the event later in the spring than previous years and other competing events in the area,” said Rich Dayermanjian, the Steak Bust chairman.

Sixty four tickets were pre-sold for the event, with 49 walk-in tickets sold on the day of the event, for a total of 113 attendees.

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The event was an all you can eat steak dinner that included a baked potato, whole kernel corn, fresh rolls, and a garden salad. Dessert and beverages, alcoholic and non-alcoholic are also included all for a $20 ticket price for adults and $10 for children 12 and under.

There is a lot of event planning that goes into the Steak Bust, which starts a few months prior to the event. According to Dayermanjian, approval to host the event at the firehouse from the town manager is the first step, once that is secured it was smooth sailing.

Tickets were created by the fire department volunteers themselves and sold prior to the event, however, walk-ins were welcomed too. The ticket sales capped at 200 guests as that is the maximum capacity allowed for the inside and outside seating at Station #2 on Woodside Avenue.

“We worked with ShopRite of Newton to secure great prices on 100 lbs. of London Broil, which is marinated in a special concoction and secret recipe that gives the steak an unforgettable taste and tenderness that is only enhanced by the grilling and basting process,” said Dayermanjian.

The members of the fire department washed and wrapped by hand, 200 Idaho potatoes in tin foil the night before the event to get them ready to be baked the next day.

The dessert, a full sheet cake, was ordered from ShopRite.

“We get compliments on the whipped cream, marble cake with chocolate and vanilla pudding filling cake,” said Dayermanjian.

Town and Country Deli donated 12 dozen fresh hoagie rolls and butter for those who attend the event and enjoy making a steak sandwich.

All the volunteer members of Newton’s department clean and prep the firehouse before the event, as well as set up all the inside tables and chairs, and outside canopies for “scenic outdoor dining”.

The dinner is served buffet style for the main courses, as well as the dessert. There was a separate station for the beverages, which included non-alcoholic sodas and juices, as well as for those of age, and were given a blue wristband to wear, some beer and wine to enjoy.

“It’s a long day, but we have fun putting on the dinner,” said Dayermanjian “the best part is getting compliments from the guests as they leave, telling us how good the food was and that they look forward to next year’s steak bust event.”