NEWTON, NJ—The Newton Fire Department will be hosting a “Dual Wet Down” initiating two new vehicles this week-end at the VFW.  The wet down scheduled for Saturday, June 4 from 4-9 p.m. at 85 Mill Street will initiate its two new vehicles, the Squad 3 Fire Engine and the Chief’s car.

“The idea behind 'Squad 3' was to combine Engine 803 and Rescue 805”, said Fire Chief Jason Miller. Miller explained combining the two into one saved the department over $700,000 that they would have had to spend on a brand new separate rescue vehicle, “down the road in a few years or so.”

“Not only is it a great idea to save the town money, but for our firefighters, having one piece of apparatus that can do three jobs and can be used for so much more on scene, is going to be literally a life saver," said Miller.

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The new vehicle has an eight-person cab and a Pierce Ultimate Configuration (P.U.C) pump, which will allow the firefighters to easliy pump and draft water. It also comes standard with a “roll and pump,” which is much more beneficial to the department according to fire fighters.

“In the most extreme situation, we can have a Master Stream and/or Deck Gun flowing while we back out of a scene gone badly or vice-versa. We can attack a fire and keep the crew inside until the scene becomes safe enough to get out of the apparatus,” said Miller.

Squad 3 has a 750 gallon water tank. The driver’s side of the rig is where all the firefighters’ tools will be stored, along with the hose and pump panel. On the Officer’s side or passenger’s side of the rig all of the rescue tools will be located.

The Dual Wet down, will include food, mugs and t-shirts, along with DJ Rockit Entertainment. In accordance with the Newton Town Council’s request, there will be no water after 7 p.m. and there will be no foam or detergent used during the wet down.