While many Newton residents did some “spring cleaning” around the house, three students of Newton High School’s robotics team decided to tidy up the neighborhood.


Nick Nannery, a sophomore, began to discover that his street was becoming more and more cluttered with trash each passing week. Several streets, all of which are used by high school students and residents for parking throughout the course of the day, were beginning to attain a significant amount of wrappers, juice boxes, and snack boxes, some of which were beginning to land in bushes. When the garbage eventually landed in Nannery’s front yard, he decided to take a step forward.

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“It’s irritating how people can be careless about where to properly put their trash, especially when it comes to a point to where it ends up on your own property.” said Nannery.
Monday after school, Nannery invited his teammates from the Newton Robotics Team to assist him in his project to clean up the nearly-cluttered streets. Because of the high rate of participation in spring sports from members of the team, only two members were in attendance. Cameron Osborn and Joel Delarosa, also sophomores, assisted Nannery in the clean-up of Ryerson Ave, Plainfield Ave, Fairview Ave, Ridgewood Ave, and West Nelson St.

The clean-up isn’t over for the team yet, as they will be attending the Green Township Clean-Up this Saturday, April 23. Nannery also plans to conduct clean-up days for the team in the future in areas that require more attention.
For more information about the team and its events, visit www.newtonroboticsteam.org or their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages.