NEWTON, NJ—Twelve students from kindergarten to grade 12 were recognized during the Newton Board of Education meeting held in the Newton High School Library following a tour of the building on Tuesday, March 28.

Wendy Whipple, Carolyn McKnight, and Newton’s newest addition to the teacher librarian staff, Ashley Tate, each had the students who received the award record a small clip to show during the presentation.

Elementary students told the viewers about their favorite book, why they like to read and how they feel when they read.

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The middle school students went into a bit more description about how reading makes them feel and why they do it, while the high school students discussed their preferences between reading digital or physical books.

“I like to read physical books instead of digital because I like the smell of the books,” said eighth grader Morgan Medunick.

For some students reading is a hassle, something they do not like to do and only get done because it is a requirement.

However, for others, like the 12 students recognized for the reward, “reading is fun,” as kindergarten student Wyatt Kruetle and senior Josephine D’Alessandro both pointed out.

Nicole Medina, a senior, who was selected as one of three high school Enthusiastic Readers in the entire state of New Jersey, spoke to the audience and the recipients about how much it meant to her to receive the award.

“It was an amazing opportunity to be nominated as one of three students for the enthusiastic reader’s award in the entire state of New Jersey,” said Medina. “I wanted to thank Mrs. Whipple for driving to Ocean Grove with my family and I and the Board of Education for paying for my family to attend the event as well, and to the recipients of the award tonight, keep reading because reading will take you to places you never dreamed of.”

The Recipients of the Enthusiastic Readers Award for 2017 are as follows:

  • Kindergarten- Wyatt Kreutle nominated by Tina Eichhorn
  • Grade 1- Madison Schick nominated by Lynn Bastek
  • Grade 2- Brooke Farence nominated by Kelsey Nelson
  • Grade 3- Zoe Caraballo nominated by Lori Mendez
  • Grade 4- Jack Hunterton nominated by Andrea Guillorn and Hope Scudder
  • Grade 5- Julian Tankel nominated by Elysia Ochs
  • Grade 6- Melanie Fredes nominated by Ashley Woortman and Carolyn McKnight
  • Grade 7- Alex DeLoach (unable to be present) nominated by Megan O’Mara
  • Grade 8- Morgan Medunick nominated by James Hoffman and Kate Delvecchio
  • Grade 9- Victoria Schmalstich nominated by Wendy Whipple
  • Grade 10- Julia Jeffer nominated by Wendy Whipple
  • Grade 11- Elenora Vega (for the third time) nominated by Wendy Whipple
  • Grade 12- Josephine D’Alessandro nominated by Wendy Whipple