Forty three years ago, in 1976, the Newton Town Council formed the Newton Swim Team and hired its first coach, Leslie Eyster, then head coach of Kittatinny’s inaugural swim team. In February, the Newton Town Council voted to close the Newton Pool leaving the 43 year old team without a home with little chance of survival.

News spread quickly that horrible and near-fateful day in February when word of the pool closure hit the papers. Our demise was feared. Our coaches were sought. Our pool was gone, but much of our team – swimmers, parents, and coaches – stayed.

Through the support of the Lake Tranquility Community Club and the Thunderbolts Swim Team, The Great Divide Campground, and Kittatinny Regional High School, we found a way to swim this summer. By March we had water for our practice, meet, and invitational facilities all lined up. With all the logistics complete, we opened registration on April 1st.

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Unfortunately, news of the Newton Pool closure has overshadowed the news of the Newton Sharks’ survival.

We are a team. We are swimming - in a beautiful outdoor pool every morning and night – just four miles south of Newton – for our daily practices.

We welcome swimmers between the age of 5 and 18. Cost for the first swimmer is $115, second swimmer $85, third and more $50/each. Swimmers need not be experts to join but will gain confidence and skills through the instruction of our expert coaching staff.   

We are coached by Jess Jacobellis, the NJ Herald Coach of the Year and head coach of NLV (Newton Lenape Valley swim team), the 2019 Sussex County champions and New Jersey state semi-finalists. Coach Jess is joined by assistant coaches Andrea Carlson and Leah Dykstra, both former Sharks, MVPs, and NLV record holders.

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Contact Tracy Paparella at or at 862-268-4422 with any questions.