NEWTON, NJ—The Newton Town Council elected the new Mayor and Deputy Mayor at the annual reorganization meeting on Wednesday, July 1 at 6 p.m. in the municipal building.

Pastor Frank Leone of the Christ Community Church in Newton started the meeting with an invocation, “…It is our responsibility to pray for all our leaders”, he said, “and our leaders are to lead with godlikeness and integrity. That is important on their part…”

Kevin Elvidge was nominated as temporary mayor to start off the meeting. “I’m back”, he laughed. Nominations for Mayor and Deputy Mayor came next.

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Councilwoman Becker nominated Dan Flynn as Mayor, which was seconded by Councilman Levante. After a unanimous roll call, Dan Flynn was sworn in as the new Mayor. A motion made by Mayor Flynn to nominate Sandra Diglio as Deputy Mayor was seconded by Councilman Elvidge. After another unanimous roll call, Sandra Diglio was sworn in as the new Deputy Mayor.

The town manager, Thomas Russo, said a few words. “I want to thank former Mayor Elvidge for his successful year this past year. I wish Mayor Flynn and Deputy Diglio the best of luck and success in their new leadership roles and I look forward to working with them and the entire council in the upcoming year”.

Former Mayor Kevin Elvidge also said a few words. “I want to thank the council for a good year. We have an aggressive council and we took on a lot of big tasks in the past year and I think some of those will continue on in the future. I feel we’re in good hands and I wish you both the best of luck”.

Councilwoman Becker spoke next, “I just wanted to thank Kevin again for a great year and I wish you both a year of success in getting the vibrant downtown you both put so much work into. [Dan,] you have a lot of energy and I am looking forward to that.”

 Councilman Levante was next. “”I have thoroughly enjoyed my first year here and everyone has been amazing. I am extremely excited and enthusiastic about you two leading us this year.”

The new Deputy Mayor Sandra Diglio began by thanking everyone who came to the meeting. “Thank you to all of those who help make Newton a place to be proud of and also a thank you to my fellow council members for their insight which led me to the revitalization of downtown Newton and for allowing me to serve as Deputy Mayor for the 2015-2016 year.”

Mayor Flynn spoke to the audience next. After thanking everyone for coming out to the meeting, he addressed those in the audience. “Newton is a beacon of innovation and the cypher of world trade and commerce in the area for over a century. Newton has seen decades of substantial growth and prosperity. The growth that built the infrastructure that we are so fortunate to have today, allows us to admire the past, while we push forward into a new age of commerce, technology, and light industry.

One thing remains, people see Newton as a place to do business, raise a family and educate their children. It does not require a thorough look to see the significance of Newton on its surrounding region. Newton’s Fire Department and EMS squad are first class organizations that put the safety of our residents above all else. Our Police Department of outstanding officers is something we are all proud of.

Our goal for the coming year is to develop policies through positive leadership and sound fiscal principals, which will allow Newton to grow responsibly and attract new residents and businesses to town. I am a proud member of this council of genuine and engaged people who truly care about the community. We look forward to serving the great town of Newton for another year.”

During Public comment Senator Steve Oroho spoke. “On behalf of the 24 legislative district, we want to thank you very much for everything you do in working with us and with your town manager, Thomas Russo. The council was very active working with our office this year and we really appreciate that. Thank you very much, as volunteers, for all that you do, you make the community, so thank you very much."

The next town council meeting is July 20 at 7 p.m. in the municipal building.