NEWTON, NJ – The one-way construction project continues to progress on schedule according to Newton Town Manager Thomas S Russo Jr. 

The milling, paving and striping has been completed on Spring Street. The so-called bump outs are under construction. These sections of extended sidewalk are to delineate parking and to provide added safety for pedestrians in busy areas of the downtown including near the Newton Theater.

“Spring Street looks great,” Russo said. “Traffic has been flowing nicely around the green and there has been no problems on Trinity. There is more parking and people are already using the left side of the street parking.”

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The Parking Authority has suspended the parking fees for the Adams Lot #1, Central Plaza Lot #4 and Eastern Lot #5 during construction, through Sept. 11.

The next phase of the project will be installation of decorative pavers in the bump outs and in the area in front of the newly renovated Fire House Museum, explained Russo in an interview on Tuesday.

The part of the construction that impacts Trinity Street also continues to progress.  Preparation for the installation of new traffic lights is nearly completed. The lights are expected to be installed in the upcoming weeks.