Hello! I have a huge favor to ask of you !!

It's that time of year... Preparations are underway for the Women's Cornerstone Retreat Weekend, ‪Friday, 9/27‬ and ‪Saturday, 9/28‬.

If you have never attended a Cornerstone Retreat, it is a wonderful opportunity to get to know neighbors and fellow parishioners. Everybody has a story and this is a chance to hear the stories of some of the people you see at Mass.

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You can meet, chat, converse with many women that you kinda, sorta know. It's a time for food, fun, and friendship.

We are creating (25) gift bags to gift to each attendee at the end of the retreat. If you or any other local businesses (that you can think of) are interested in donating little (any) items to add to our conclusion bags, it would be greatly appreciated!! In the past there we were blessed to have companies donate nail polish, dental / feminine hygiene products, inspirational items, stationary, mix matched items... and branded items of all sorts that were extremely useful, and appreciated! Just a thought branded gift coupons, overstock items OR anything we can gift these ladies would be greatly appreciated.

Brochures for the Cornerstone VII retreat are available on the tables near the exit doors of the Our Lady of the Lake church and also at the parish office. There is a printable brochure available online at the parish website, ‪ourladyofthelake.org‬. If you are able to make a donation of any kind it would be greatly appreciated! Feel free to pass along the info about the retreat and maybe we will see you or a special lady in your life there! I look forward to hearing from you and thank you in advance!!

Best Wishes, Tania Fonovic

Our Lake of the Lake Cornerstone VII - PR Coordinator - 973-919-0868