SPARTA, NJ – Distracted drivers be warned.  The Sparta Police Department has announced they will be cracking down on texting and driving. 

According to police, “There will be enhanced patrols looking for specific violations involving careless driving. “

This is a statewide initiative called Distracted Driver Enforcement Crackdown that will specifically be looking for people using their cell phones and text messaging while driving.  The program will run from now through April 21.

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Data provided by the Sparta Police from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administrations shows that “at any given daylight moment in the US, approximately 660,000 are using cellphones or manipulating electronic devices.”  Further statistics show that in 2013 there were 3,154 people killed and 424,000 injured in distracted driver related accidents. 

“Statistics like this hopefully make peole aware how dangerous using these devices while driving can actually be,” said Sparta Sge Dennis Proctor in a statement explaining the initiative.  “Any call or text message can wait until you are no longer operating your vehicle.”