SPARTA, NJ – A Morris Plains man caught the attention of Officer Brian Porter as he flew up Route 15 at 98 MPH.  On August 17 around 3 a.m. Porter stopped Evan Rokoszak, 31, for speeding in a black Volkswagon Jetta, police said.

Rokoszak told Porter he knew he was stopped because he was “cruising.” Porter smelled alcohol in the car.  Rokoszak said he had “one beer, one White Claw and one shot of vodka,” police said.

Rokoszak was given field sobriety tests and then brought to Sparta Police Department Headquarters for processing.  Before being breath tested, Rokoszak admitted to having smoked marijuana because he claimed it usually sobered him up before driving.  Rokoszak told officers he would probably still be over the limit when breath tested, police said.

After the breath test, Rokoszak was charged with driving while intoxicated, failure to keep right, speeding, reckless driving and windshield obstruction.  He was give a court date and released to a sober adult.