SPARTA, NJ – When a father and son stopped for traffic violations it first appeared the father would be in trouble but in the end it was the son who ended up under arrest.  On December 5 around 11:15 a.m. Cpl. Marc Rubino saw a Honda driving with the windshield wipers on but not the headlights, police report.

When Rubino spoke with the driver John Maziot, the officer smelled alcohol in the car.  Police Officer Snyder arrived to assist as John Mazoit was asked to get out of the car, police report.

The officers asked the driver about a bulge in his pocket.  John Mazoit pulled out an unmarked prescription bottle and put it back into his pocket.  Rubino asked to see it because he saw it had a “green vegetative substance, not pills,” police say.

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Rubino found the bottle to have marijuana.  The driver also pulled out a “one hitter” marijuana pipe and gave it to Rubino.  John Mazoit said the alcohol smell was because of his son drinking the night before, police report.

As the officers were placing the driver under arrest, his son Nicholas Mazoit, 27, said the marijuana and pipe belonged to him.  Nicholas Mazoit said he passed the items to his dad because he, Nicholas, has outstanding warrants.  Nicholas Mazoit said he did not want his father to be arrested for the marijuana that belonged to him, police report.

Nicholas Mazoit was taken into custody.  The officers found he had outstanding warrants in Englewood Cliffs, Elmwood Park and Bergenfield.  Nicholas Mazoit was charged with possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.  After all of the jurisdictions were notified Nicholas Mazoit was released with a court date.