NEWTON, NJ - On Saturday, March 24th at 12PM, Sussex County NOW will proudly stand in solidarity with our co-sponsors, the Vernon High School Young Advocates Club and all of the other young leaders, both locally and nationally, who have organized a movement in the wake of the Parkland, FL school shooting to demand that students’ lives and safety finally take priority over the concerns of deep-pocketed organizations like the NRA.  We are inspired by their passionate advocacy for what they want and need from their elected officials, and we are honored to do all that we can to center their powerful voices. Everyone deserves the opportunity to get a quality education without having to live in fear for their lives while doing so, and while there are no one-step perfect solutions to any form of violence, there are certainly many incremental improvements within reach in terms of gun control specifically.  Through our sponsorship and participation in this demonstration, we join NOW National and the March for Our Lives in calling on Congress to take action at the national level to improve gun control and bring us all closer to a much safer future. This includes improvements to our current nationwide system such as:


  • Banning the sale of assault weapons to private citizens

  • Prohibiting the sale of high-capacity magazines and bump stocks

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  • Passing the Fix NICs Act (S. 2135) to close loopholes in the current background check system

  • Requiring comprehensive screenings before any guns can be purchased--even through private sales--including mandating universal background checks and domestic violence offender screening for all those seeking a gun permit or to purchase a gun



Sussex County NOW is the local chapter of the National Organization for Women (NOW) in Northwestern New Jersey.  Our purpose is to organize and take action with the aim of bringing women into full and equal participation in our county, state, and country.  Through grassroots activism, education, and community service, we are working to affect local change and grow the progressive community here in Sussex County and beyond.


For more information on what we do and how to get involved, please visit us online at!