There is no doubt that Democrats must win a governing mandate in 2020.  These are not my words, but the words of Robert Kuttner in his book “The Stakes 2020 and the Survival of American Democracy”!  Yes, this is the time that everything will be questioned, and the survival is surely the main card on the table. American economics has benefited the upper echelons of class under Trump, with a creation of great wealth for the upper classes, including 1%, and downward to maybe 10%!

Why is this coming election so important? I feel that for more than 40 years the real losers in America have been the middle class and those below.  I am a firm believe that Artificial Intelligence will eliminate a possible one billion jobs world wide, and 40 to 50 million here. Under this Administration, and in truth others, reliable jobs, pensions, medical care, housing, and college have indeed become more remote to many. Tuition and loans put students in a lifetime of debt that many will not escape.

Indeed, the economy might be benefiting some, but many are not. Take Sussex County with perpetual Republicans in office and what do you get are the following: low wages, coupled with a costly  education, and then no options, but to move, as well paying jobs and a decent lifestyle are 40 miles to the east. We know that studies like those from Pew Institute show that the US unfairly favors powerful interests. Come on, only those under a stupor really believe that Trump proposes programs for the middle class.

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There is basic agreement with even 46 percent of Republican voters joining 84% of Democrats and 63% of adults that powerful interests benefit from Trump era politics. One problem for Democratic voters, we keep looking at billionaires
to solve our problems. It is our time to step up, and reverse the course that would reward rich voters, and our own oligarchs that our creeping into American Politics!

Trump has pushed a mandate that rewards the prosperous few over the restless many and needing members of the middle class. Unchecked that gives a negative possibility towards reinventing democracy!  We can no longer sit in chairs staring at a computer screen, but now we must stand up for democracy. One way or another, each generation must make that choice!

Bill Weightman, Hardyston

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