HAMILTON, NJ – The members of Venturing Crew 276 found themselves climbing the walls last month.  They traveled to Rockville Climbing Center in Hamilton after closing allowing them to have the whole place to themselves.

They climbed all night, stopping only to share a meal of pizza, meatballs and cheesecake.  After eating their fill, they returned to the ropes.  When they found themselves getting tired it was time to come off the wall and pick up the Frisbee. 

“A game or two of Ultimate Frisbee gave us the break our muscles needed,” said Katie Reidmiller.

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By 1 a.m. they had had enough fun for one night and called it a night.  They sacked out in their sleeping bags for a different type of campout. 

Morning arrived quickly.  After a breakfast that included bagels, oatmeal, cheesecake and brownies they turned to some scouting work.  The crew members worked on some Venturing Award requirements before heading home. 

“I have been climbing once before but this time was a lot more fun,” said Reidmiller.  “A return trip is definitely in our future.”

The crew is sponsored by Lakeland Emergency Squad and is comprised of young men and women from the Andover and Byram area.  “We even have a few members who come from Pennsylvania,” said Reidmiller.

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