In response to Nancy A. Parkers letter to the editor, I will give you an insight to my mind set on this past and every Memorial Day that I have lived to pay tribute to my
fallen Americans.

MY mind set was back at the siege of Khe Sanh  1967-68, 77 days we were surrounded by 20,000 North Viet Nam Army troops. We had 5,000 Marines at the base.

During the 77 days of the siege we lost 205 Marines kill and 1,602 wounded.  North Viet Nam Army 1,602 confirmed kills.

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I was 20 years old.  They are for ever on my mind.  That was my mind set.

You should be thinking how you will contribute to getting your industry back on track.  Start thinking out of the box. How many people will you have on a cruse ship, what safety procedures will you have to take a ship to various places if another outbreak ever did happen. Are you setting up emergency ports that will accept ships no questions asked.

I don’t want to get political. I have a different mind set on life than you.  It all started when I was 20 if you get my drift.

Peter G. Litchfield