Dear Editor,

Alex Majewski, currently running for Newton Town Council, is one of the most devoted and selfless individuals I have ever met.  I should know; I’m his wife. In this letter I could detail Alex’s hopes and plans for Newton, but I’ll leave that to him. Instead, I’d like to talk about his character.

Alex and I have been together for over six years and married for nearly three.  In all of the time I have known him, Alex has never shirked a responsibility or taken the easy route.  In both his personal and professional life, Alex is the very definition of steadfast.

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At work he has faced the challenge of leading a fractured team of diverse personalities and turned enemies into valued colleagues and friends; at home he is an equal partner in all respects, often picking up the slack I leave behind.  

Alex knows how and when to take the lead, but has the humility to recognize when collaboration is necessary. He fights fair and never holds a grudge. (Trust me, I know!)

But the trait I admire most in my husband is his ability to put ego aside and ask for advice. He is NEVER afraid to ask questions or consider the input of others. This has been incredibly invaluable in our life together and I know it will be an asset for the town of Newton. In short, the persistent, hard working, loyal man that I married is the same man you see running for Newton Town Council.

I humbly ask that you consider voting Alex Majewski for Newton Town Council.  With Alex, what you see is what you get, and I consider myself very lucky for what I have. I’d like to share some of that luck with my friends and neighbors in Newton.



Melissa Majewski