After speaking with voters a major concern on students and parents minds is the rising cost of college and student debt. My vision to alleviate this concern is shared services with SCCC. 

Imagine if a student could graduate Sparta High School with an associate’s degree and head into college as a junior. If a student would complete this implemented program of taking college credited courses throughout their high school career, they could realistically move on to a university and receive their bachelor’s degree and master’s degree. This program would create a cheaper and faster method than starting a traditional four year path to college. 

There are two other schools in the county that have implemented this plan, and it has been a huge success. They have proven the possibility to graduate with a high school diploma and an associate degree from SCCC. This is an obtainable goal for Sparta school district, and would help with the post grad financial burden.

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This is an idea I have been promoting to all high school students and parents asking for advice. When I graduated high school I took a year off to play junior hockey. I ended up deciding I would continue my education for that year at County College. When I transferred the following year to a university I entered school a few credits short of being considered a junior. I then graduated with a bachelor’s degree in two and a half years and went on for my MBA.  In four years I received both degrees and the total cost was the same or less as a standard four year program. At the end of the day student debt shouldn’t be an expected part of life, there are cost affected methods in obtaining a degree, and it is our job to create that path for our students.  

Please remember to Vote Line 1 for William Washer on November 5th. 

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