Today June 5th is the United Nations Day to celebrate World Environmental Day.

It was the year 2000 when Rachael Paulson, local author and environmentalist was asked to speak at a United Nations Event for environmental leadership. It was there that Paulson was asked to present her environmental workshops and sign her children’s books for children from 120 different countries.

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Never did she dream that the conference that year would change her life for good.

At that event she learned about the new goals being put in place  that would be called the Millennium Goals that would promise to cut world  poverty in half by the year 2015

In  studying those goals for this mission to take place Paulson set her passion and heart on those children in our world that are without running water. Water would bring life. Never was she prepared for the way the villages responded to her and how they begged to be taught more forming lists of other schools wishing to join the program.

The areas that had her interest were those forgotten rural villages where children were drinking from mud holes and the number of orphans, one out of every 5 children was astounding .

Her motivation to learn more about ending poverty led her to find her nonprofit organization called Hands On The World Global Inc. a 501c organization.

This year, Paulson was recognized as Humanitarian of the year for the County of Sussex but she is also being commended world wide as she was nominated for the World of Children Award in 2010.

She has also been honored by the National Groundwater Association for her work.

HOW Global has chosen schools in developing countries to act as information bases for the orphans of those villages that are without food and water. We are creating safe havens Paulson exclaims. They children need a  place to not only get what is needed for survival but also  a place to learn how to care for themselves.

HOW Global calls these special schools, Green Hub Clusters. The strategy has been commended by the UN and named Paulson as a spokesperson for the Millennium Goals . Paulson has been asked to speak about her Green Hub concept as a part of many UN panels.

For June 5th her Green Hub Cluster schools in South Africa are each running all day workshops and celebrations in honor of HOW Global and the new life brought to those communities.

In order for these orphans to survive they need to have the basic needs of life and setting up schools as that safe place is a perfect plan. Paulson can claim this as true as so far all of her school communities in South Africa are now providing running water and also food for the surrounding villages.

Half of what HOW Global does is to raise awareness her in the states and worldwide on the issues of those who are living without basic needs and to reach out and say to mentor the nonprofits intern’s by asking the question HOW can we change things and expects for students to come up with ideas and solutions.

HOW can your School or club collect change and become a part of this Global project?

HOW Global is seeking schools, churches and club to act as sponsors to adopt villages for upcoming projects in South Africa,  Ghana , Kenya and Haiti. Be creative and decide what you will name your project and how you will inspire others to join the campaign Paulson suggests. We want to empower children to come up with their own ideas.

On memorial Day Rachael Paulson and HOW Global were featured in the Memorial Day Parade  in Sparta where there was a kick off for the Change the Thirst Campaign.

Saint Mary’s Church has chosen a one Million Penny project for their part in assisting HOW Global.  They are getting a great response to this project that will end in the fall.

One Million Pennies equals the drilling of a water well Paulson states and that is only one phase of completing a water well community project. So many partners are needed.

HOW Global is looking for sponsors to take on the Change the Thirst Challenge to name your own change collection project for HOW Global that will go towards the orphan villages in need of clean running water. Well known and loved Zumba teacher Samantha Carr Le Valley has started her own campaign for HOW Global called  Small change for big change challenging her followers to help those young girls who must walk for water 6 hours  a day.

Call HOW Global at 973 3621090 or email Rachael Paulson Founder at

The Web site is and donations can be made by Paypal.

Rachael  Paulson is also a motivational speaker: email her to find out about booking her for your school or group presentation.