Are you tired of high taxes, wasteful spending, and of the elected officials in Newton treating your concerns as if they do not matter?

I am Margaret Baldini and I am tired of it too! It is time for us to make a change. We need new leadership. We need competent public servants running this town who have compassion and are fair in their dealings with the public especially amid this pandemic.

The current Town Council members make decisions that are not in line with the vision of Newton that our residents share. We would like to see well-maintained school buildings, public pool, parks, roads, and upgrades to water treatment systems for the health and safety of our community.  The taxpayers of Newton seek leadership they can trust.  The merchants of our town look for leaders who can provide the backbone to stand up for them.  Our families need someone looking out for them.  I am that person!  I will not blindly listen to false promises by public servants.  Responsible leadership begins and ends in the ballot box. Leadership requires the grace, strength, and character to stand up for what you believe in.  I believe in Newton--The town I was raised in, and the town where I learned what it means to be an American!  I am Margaret Baldini, and I speak for the taxpayer of Newton! 

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Why does it take community outcry to affect change in the town? Especially in the case of the Newton Pool! The pool was not maintained properly, and we suffered the consequences to the tune of approximately $402,000.00. And the project took considerably longer than was promised. Why are large projects like the firehouse not effectively managed? That was approximately one million dollars over the initial budget!! The Newton Town Council appears to have an agenda outside of what the voters really need.

We believe in managed growth, not handing out PILOT programs and tax breaks to developers. This ultimately strains town resources and places a tax burden on residents. Many are forced to sell or lose their homes while most see a higher cost of living that impacts seniors and families.

Please join our grass roots, taxpayer focused campaign to put NEWTON first. Vote Mecaj and Baldini for Newton Town Council 2020.

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Margaret Baldini is a lifelong resident of Newton, a former member of the Historic Preservation Board, and a former “Miss Newton” who is committed to make her hometown prosper again.


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