On May 9th Sussex County Freeholder Director Jonathon Rose announced formation of the Sussex County Transparency Committee. A committee established to monitor the ethics of County politicians.  

Alarming is what was left out of this announcement. Besides naming the dynamic duo Lazzaro and Graham, two other names show cause for curiosity. Jonathon never acknowledged, nor did he disclose, Walter Luers is an Attorney.  Walter specializes in OPRA. His clients can include OPRA requestors who ask for help and at times sue their municipalities, his fee being the award of the judge costing Tax payer’s settlement money.

Under cover of “transparency” another member of this committee, Jonathon’s good friend, Nicholas D’Agostino, pulled a political stunt, possibly a payback favor, placing an extensive OPRA request on Franklin Borough, not surprisingly the municipality where Candidate Dawn Fantasia serves as councilwoman. An OPRA was submitted to Sparta also, home of Candidate Josh Hertzberg. Nick previously tried this stunt in Wantage failing miserably.

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This dirt digging stunt is nothing more than abuse of a County appointment hiding behind this committee abusing OPRA to help Jonathon  secure election.  How ethical does anyone think this is? How convenient this committee was established in the heat of Primary season.  Yet in his NJH Letter dated May 6th, Nick dared question the timing of the constitutionally protected office of Sheriff Strada and his lawsuit vs. the Freeholders.

With three straight years of County Tax increases, a run-a-way Solar lawsuit with no end in sight, and political “favors” for cronies, there is no good reason to re-elect Rose and Lazzaro. Next year it’s Graham’s turn to go.

OPRA is a privilege and these three sitting politicians should not be allowed to abuse OPRA for political gain. If this committee is to monitor the ethics of County politicians, then no politicians should sit on it.

It is just not ethical.

Kathleen Gorman /Wantage Township