I met Dr. Arati Kreibich when she was running for Council in our town of Glen Rock in 2017. Like me, she was passionate about fighting the climate crisis, and I was excited to vote for her. I’ve since participated in town-wide cleanups that she has led, and I have admired her work on the Council, especially her work as Chair of the Finance and Budget Committee. Since January of this year, I have been proud to serve with her on the Glen Rock Borough Council. 

When Arati announced that she was running for Congress, I was thrilled. Like so many other women in my community and across our nation, I know that we need more women in positions of leadership and especially in Congress. We need a Representative who will lead on reproductive justice, who will fight for immigrants, who will advocate for a Green New Deal, and who will do what is right -- not just what is expedient. These are my values and the values of my community. 

Arati is a thoughtful, intelligent, and caring woman, and I have every confidence in her ability to lead at the national level. I hope you will join me in voting by mail for my friend, Dr. Arati Kreibich in the July 7 primary.