Dear Senator Oroho and Assemblymen Space and Wirths,


A longtime resident of this district told us that he reached out to our state legislators to ask why they haven't yet acknowledged the election results. He called Senator Oroho three times, and wrote him a letter. He still hasn’t received a response.


Now all three of you fail, in a bipartisan resolution with your colleagues in the NJ legislature, to condemn this president and the insurrectionists for carrying out a violent attack against the government and law enforcement. Police officers were beaten, one was killed, a noose was erected on the Capitol lawn, and the mob paraded through the people’s house waving a Confederate flag. This attack was carried out by supporters of President Trump over a lie that has been promoted over and over by Trump himself, a few bad actors in the media, and by the silence of Republican elected officials such as yourselves.

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We all know that Donald Trump lost the election by a significant margin. And according to countless Judges Trump appointed himself and former members of his own Cabinet, there was no election fraud - he lost fair and square. The results were certified by every single state in the country.

It’s time you put the seditious rumors of election fraud to bed. Your silence is affirmation, and it is part of the big lie that is radicalizing everyday Americans, including those right here in our beloved Sussex and Warren Counties.

It’s been a long and trying year. We’re enduring a global pandemic. People are struggling. And no matter where they fall on the political spectrum, they look to their elected officials to help make things right. We call on you to unite with legislators and tell the people of your district the truth. Do your duty to help them move on. Democracy won.


Gina Trish

Blairstown, NJ

Kate Matteson (The opinions expressed in this statement are solely those of the authors)

Sparta, NJ