I know about retail and how it operates, but today online business monopolies apply the squeeze to mall retail chains!  This is again the case for both Payless Shoes, which made good shoes affordable, and Things Remembered a place to award co-workers, fathers and mothers, and students with special clocks, watches, silver key chains and more!

I found myself at the Rockaway wall, which has both stores closing, but a Hail Mary for Things Remembered to continue! One of those closing stores has a salesperson with a new mortgage over $200, 000!

I have long family remembrances of each
store with my children’s shoes bought at Payless, purchases for my Trenton staff and researches in Detroit! Look , these two chains will impact at least 3000 stores, but on the local level I want that man with the mortgage to hold on!

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Hey, malls are part of our history and May they be our future! But like a famous Album, Who’s Next!

Bill Weightman! Hardyston