Sussex County Assemblyman, Parker Space, is making the rounds to towns like Sussex Borough and Branchville and helping them craft a symbolic resolution making the town a “Second Amendment sanctuary”.  This resolution opposes the passage of further gun control laws and supports “holding accountable the violent criminal offenders, rather than irrational and/or disproven attempts to control lawful tools of self-defense, hunting and sport.” 

Reportedly the resolution is in response to a series of gun safety legislation Governor Murphy signed into law in 2019.  The laws that have been passed do not infringe on gun owners’ second amendment rights or allow for the confiscation of anyone’s guns.  The legislation makes it harder for criminals and people who should not own guns to acquire firearms, it bans lethal ammunition and allows for the temporary removal of firearms from persons believed to pose a danger to themselves or others.  

Supporting the right to keep and bear arms does not have to come at the expense of public safety. The Supreme Court in District of Columbia v. Heller recognized that the right to bear arms does not extend to those who pose a threat to the safety of themselves or others. 

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It is alarming that anyone opposes common sense gun laws.  People are tired of seeing children and teenagers murdered in their classrooms by AR-15s or what Space calls, “lawful tools of self-defense.” Young people are marching on Washington, parents are fearful sending their children off to school, the mall or the movies. All over the country, voters are supporting democratic candidates because of their stand on gun violence. Our society has proven that it is just not responsible enough or healthy enough for the “guns everywhere” desires of the far-right extremists.  

Lastly, adopting a “Second Amendment sanctuary” resolution will have devastating cultural and economic effects on Sussex county. Young families will not move here, businesses will not locate here and people will leave the county preferring other, safer communities. 

Sue Hannon, State Exec Committee, BRADY