Is this the first one?

No,  the school ran a Vendor night a few years back, however it was more of a smaller holiday shoppe environment.  The PTA board has since changed over, and we decided to give it another chance with two new chairs, Janelle Araujo and Kristine Van Iderstine. We have largely focused on local vendors and crafters from the Morris County area.  We have had a great response with over 45 vendors.


If not, how many times have you done this?

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How many vendors are already signed-up?



What is the goal/where is the money going?

The only goal we had in mind was to make this event successful and establish an annual event that can successfully raise funds for our school. We have given the parents and teachers of Franklin School a large say on how we will spend the money.  We are currently running an "idea-a-thon" called the "Big Brilliant Idea" where we are soliciting ideas from the staff and parents on ways to improve our school. We have a list of ideas, ranging from a gaga pit, a makerspace / STEAM lab in the school with hands on equipment, and an overhang by the main entrance.  At our upcoming PTA meeting, scheduled for December 3rd, we will begin to vote on the ideas to implement.


How many vendors do you hope to attract?

Our goal initially was 40 vendors, and we have surpassed that goal.  Since some of our vendors have requested multiple tables, our school’s gymnasium will host over 55 tables. 


 And please send me some quotes/comments/thoughts about this. I like quotes in stories.

One quote that stands out to our chair, Janelle Araujo ….”If you are working on something that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed" 

At the end of the day, this event will benefit the current and future children at Franklin Elementary School.  As parents of the school, we do whatever we can to make everyone's day a little brighter. Whatever the PTA decides, the money earned will improve the school, and have a great impact on the children. In the past we have raised funds to replace playground equipment, install buddy benches, purchase an iPad cart for the school, and more! - Janelle and Kristine.

We are open to the public and admission is free. We will be having amazing raffle baskets, filled with donated items from each of our vendors and crafters.

We have a former Franklin Student, Violet Stein, who reserved a table to sell her homemade dog biscuits, Bernie's Biscuits. We hope to have more students join us at next years event.

While we will have many crafters, we limited any direct sale marketers to one per product. For example only one vendor from Thiry-one Gifts, Beachbody, Tuppewear, etc to avoid duplicates and expand the options for those shopping.